During 1980 WH Pipe International, a subsidiary of KWH Pipe Ltd of Finland, participated in a bidding process at Metropolitan Waterworks Authority towards a pipe rehabilitation project in Rama 4 Road, Ratchadamri Road, and Charoen Krung Road.


WH Pipe International proposed one innovative technology, namely relining by which a newly produced HDPE Pipe was to be inserted through the existing corroded pipelines with minimum excavation and inconvenience to regular traffic flow. The project included design, supply of materials, and construction, which WH Pipe International executed successfully by relining method with HDPE pipe.



Subsequently during 1983 KWH Pipe Ltd had set up a wholly owned subsidiary, namely Wiik&Hoeglund Co.,Ltd with an initial capital of 22 Million Baht.


Thus the first factory was located at Nava Nakorn Industrial Estate with a production capacity of 1,000 Tons/year. During the year 1989 the company relocated the factory at Bangpoo Industrial Estate with an enhanced production capacity of 10,000 Tons/year.



Later the company was relocated to Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate during the year 1995 with further enhancement of production capacity to 15,000 Tons/year.


Simultaneously it was awarded ISO 9003 certificate towards quality assurance system.




In 1996 the company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the production capacity was upgraded to 20,000 Tons/year in order to cater the market demand. The quality assurance system was upgraded to ISO 9001 during the year 1999.



The growth was imminent when the company increased its production capacity to a whopping 30,000 Tons/year by relocating its factory finally to Amata City Industrial Estate, Rayong province during the year 2005. The company increased its registered capital to Baht 300,000,000 where KWH Pipe Ltd was holding 65.99% stakes in 2006. It was feather in the cap when the company was awarded ISO 14001 during the year 2009. Thus, the company became one of the largest producers of HDPE Pipe with a very strong international presence as well as success and having enormous credibility in this field.




During the year 2013, KWH Pipe Ltd merged with Uponor Infrastructure Solutions Segment and formed a joint venture, namely Uponor Infra Oy which emerged a major shareholder of the company.



However; in the year 2015, a group of four Thai investors bought shares from Uponor Infra Oy. The parties also signed a License Agreement whereby the company was granted a license for Uponor Infra’s proprietary Weholite technology. Thus, the company continues to be trusted and one of the largest producers of HDPE Pipes and Tanks for a wide range of applications.




The Company is determined to strive forward and continues to render best services to its customers.